Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Area Rug Cleaning Service in New Rochelle

Rugs are excellent additions to any home, but as most homeowners know, they can be tough to maintain without some help. This is why it's crucial to find a professional area rug cleaning service that can effectively clean and restore your rug to its former pristine state. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle, we have the tools and expertise needed to clean and restore their beauty and elegance. We offer an extensive range of rug cleaning services in New Rochelle - from steam cleaning to stain removal. With us, you can guarantee that your stunning area rug is in safe and capable hands. So, if you're ready to schedule our services, you can call our number, 914-380-7211.


How Do You Know When Your Rug Needs Cleaning?

Area rugs can add a certain elegance and beauty to your home, elevating your space to a new level. However, they're often tough to clean and maintain, especially if they're placed in an area with heavy foot traffic. In that case, it's crucial to avail yourself of professional area rug cleaning services in New Rochelle, but how do you know when you need our services?


Area rugs can collect dust, dirt, and debris within their fibers, something that can trigger conditions like allergic rhinitis. So, if it seems like you're sneezing non-stop even though you have cleaned everything, it might be time to contact rug cleaning specialists.

Visible Stains

Another sign that your rug needs cleaning is when you see visible stains on its surface. While most modern area rugs are designed to be stain-resistant, constant spilling and heavy foot traffic can result in unsightly stains on your beautiful rug.

Foul Odors

Another sign you need immediate rug cleaning is noticing foul odors in the space where your rug is located. As mentioned, rugs can trap dirt and debris within their fibers. As a result, bacteria can multiply rapidly, resulting in a foul odor that you just can't get rid of without a thorough cleaning.

Visible Wear and Tear

Over the years, your once-beautiful area rug will start showing signs of wear and tear, making it look older and more worn-out than before. However, this doesn't mean you have to replace it immediately; it might just need a good scrubbing from rug cleaning professionals.

So, if you notice these signs, it might be time to call professional rug cleaning services, like our team at Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle.

What Are the Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Services?

Still unsure if our services are the right fit? Check out some of the benefits of our services below.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Our techs understand the need for and the importance of eco-friendly cleaning practices. This is why we use only environmentally friendly cleaning materials to ensure that both you and your rug aren't exposed to harsh and harmful chemicals.


Affordable and Fair Pricing

We understand that we're currently experiencing some tough times, which is why we ensure our services are available at affordable and fair prices. We also provide free estimates to our potential clients so they have a more accurate picture of how much they need to spend.

Premium and Expert Rug Cleaning in New Rochelle

We have the experience and expertise needed to carry out your area rug cleaning with ease and precision. Since 2005, we have provided countless clients with professional rug cleaning services, restoring their worn-out area rugs to their former glory.

Off-Site Rug Cleaning vs. On-Site Rug Cleaning

We offer both off-site and on-site rug cleaning services to our clients. However, which one is best suited for you?

Advantages of On-Site Rug Cleaning

  • It's quicker than off-site cleaning, and it takes only a couple of hours.
  • It's more convenient since we'll be the ones to come to you.
  • It's easier to carry out since we'll do everything on your behalf.

Advantages of Off-Site Rug Cleaning

  • We will pick up your rug for cleaning and return it to you only when clean, dry, and ready to unroll again.
  • It's more thorough as we'll have our complete arsenal of rug cleaning tools.
  • It poses fewer risks to your space's flooring, mainly if they're made of wood.
  • It's more efficient and safer as we can take all the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your rug.

On-site rug cleaning is the better choice if you want your area rug cleaned as quickly as possible. It's also the ideal choice if you don't have the time to bring your rug to us. On the other hand, if you want your area rug to be thoroughly cleaned and experience fewer risks of damages, off-site rug cleaning is the better choice.

Call Us for Professional Rug Cleaning Services Today

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle, we understand how valuable your area rug is. This is why we ensure that we only offer the best rug cleaning services to our clients.

We guarantee that our methods are safe, reliable, and eco-friendly, and you'll receive nothing but the best results. Our services are also available at highly competitive prices, and we give free quotes to provide you with a clearer idea. With us, you can ensure your precious area rug is in safe and capable hands. You can rely on our experience and expertise to do the job and do it well. So, check out what we have to offer by calling us at 914-380-7211.

"Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle did an excellent job cleaning our rug. We had constant communication from the staff about when our rug would be returned, and we were thrilled with the results."

- Iris J.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 914-380-7211
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