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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Who to Call When Your House Smells Like Mold

Coming into a house and smelling a musty odor is never a pleasant experience. The odor might come from anywhere, including the basement, the walls themselves, the laundry area, and bathrooms.

As a homeowner, you don't want the mold problem to get worse over time. As a result, in this post, Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle specialists discuss a variety of topics related to house mold, such as how to identify it and what you should do about it.

What does house mold smell like?

Mold odor is typically described as a stale and wet odor that lingers in the air. Some common mold forms, such as black mold, may have an earthy odor.

Mold spores can form in as little as 24 hours in a favorable environment. If the initial odor is not overpowering, the mold has most likely only just begun to form.


What to do when the house smells like it has mold

When you smell mold, it is best to identify and remove the source of the odor as soon as possible. The faster the mold is eliminated, the faster you will remove its opportunity to spread throughout the house.

However, it is not always easy to completely eliminate a mold problem in a home. Because the source of the mold problem is often related to the structure of the house or the presence of excessive moisture, a professional mold inspection & testing service is needed in this situation.

Our professional mold inspection & testing services will confirm whether you need to seek out professional services for mold removal. Furthermore, booking a professional mold inspection service saves you the cost of buying the necessary tools and products or trying to figure out where to collect samples for reliable testing results.

Is mold in the house dangerous?

Untreated mold in your house can cause a plethora of health issues. Furthermore, mold can slowly but surely damage your belongings and house structure. So, if you notice a mold problem in your home, it is essential to start the process as quickly as possible by calling a mold inspection & testing service.

The steps in the mold inspection & testing process

The initial phase in the mold inspection & testing process is a quick interview in which you will tell the mold remediation and testing expert about your problems. The mold testing expert will then conduct an air and visual assessment to determine the type of mold problem you are experiencing.

The mold testing expert will next collect mold samples and take them to a laboratory for testing. This test will help determine what treatment is required to successfully solve the mold problem in your house.




Can you live in a house with mold?

If you have a mold problem in your house, you do not have to leave right away. However, it is best to have a mold inspection agency come to your home as soon as possible to address the issue.

Does mold make your house smell?

Yes, your house will smell musty and earthy when there is mold inside. This is because mold releases microbial volatile organic compounds into the air.

How do you get the smell of mold out of your house?

To get the scent out of your house, you need a proper ventilation system. However, you will need to contact a mold inspection & testing agency immediately to get to the bottom of the problem.

Is the smell of mold harmful?

Despite the fact that not all mold strains are deadly, many are toxic. As a result, inhaling too much air contaminated with mold spores will eventually worsen your and your family's health.

Key Takeaway

Because mold problems in a home can cause annoying and serious health problems, you should not be afraid to seek professional assistance anytime they arise. It is always best to leave it to the professionals, especially if the mold problem is severe.

If you live in or near New Rochelle, NY, you should contact our specialists if you notice a mold problem in your home. Our professional services are not limited to mold inspection and testing, but we also have the required tools and products to remove mold and remediate your property as well.

Don't wait until the mold spreads throughout your house, call Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle and see how we can help you with mold control!

"Daniel was a very supportive and detailed person and above all he did an excellent job. I will recommend your mold remediation company and Daniel to my friends and family members."

- Rutho C.
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