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Is It Possible to Clean Mold From Your Carpet?

Carpets are great for your house as they make the space bright and cozy. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle, we have a professional team that provides quality carpet cleaning services.

Mold is a fungal organism that causes degradation to numerous materials in your premises. Mold grows in areas that are damp and moist and can cause allergies. Once in a while, you will find mold under your carpet. Many people have found themselves asking whether it is possible to clean mold from carpets. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle, we will get mold out of your carpet. We offer the best carpet cleaning and mold remediation services in the area at pocket-friendly prices.


How Do You Know There Is Mold Under Your Carpet?

Mold in your carpet can be hard to identify because it is unseen, especially, during the first stages of infestation. It takes as little as 48 hours for mold to infest your carpet, after which it will rapidly grow. By the time you find it, you will need a professional mold remediation team to get rid of the mold.

Here are the first signs to show that you have mold under your carpet.

Damp Marks

Messes on carpets are unavoidable. However, if we do not dry the messes fast enough, the moisture can cause a buildup of mold under your carpet. Leaky plumbing can also cause your carpets to get damp. Ensure you check on your plumbing; to ensure you do not have leaking pipes because you may have to deal with mold late on.

Musty Smell

Mold has a musty, damp smell. If your carpet smells like that, you most likely have a mold problem. A smelly carpet is a big indication of mold, and you should call a professional carpet cleaner.

Discolored Patches

You may find that your carpet has some discolored patches. The patches may be white, green, or black as mold is mostly these colors. If you find these patches, it is action time.

What Are the Common Causes of Mold on Your Carpets?

There are a few common causes of mold under your carpet. They include:

Water Damage

Water can cause extensive damage to your property. Carpets are more susceptible as they absorb a high amount of moisture. They can absorb moisture that comes from the wall and also the floor. Mold caused by water damage is preventable by regularly checking you have no leaking plumbing and thorough cleaning after a flood.

High Humidity

Mold grows well where there is a lot of moisture. A humid room will have high moisture content, and the air will feel heavy during hot days. When the cold comes in, the air condenses, and the carpet absorbs this moisture. After some time, the damp environment will facilitate mold growth.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation allows mold spores to settle on your surfaces, including the carpet. Poor ventilation mostly happens during the winter when doors and windows are kept shut for a long time. Make sure that your premises are well ventilated to avoid the growth of mold under your carpet.

Liquid Spills

Accidental liquid spills are mostly inevitable in homes. However, you should make sure that you clean up these spills as soon as they happen. Left untreated it can cause moisture buildup in your carpet, which may lead to the growth of mold under.

Poor House Maintenance

Poor house maintenance provides a conducive environment for mold to grow. If you have leaky roofs, water will get into your house. It will cause the growth of mold in many places in the house, including under the carpet. Accumulated dust will merge with moisture from the air creating a perfect condition for mold to grow.


Is Carpet Mold Dangerous?

Carpet mold is dangerous as it will cause damage to the carpet and floor underneath. It will also cause damage to your furniture and walls if left unattended. Mold is also dangerous as it causes respiratory diseases and also allergies. In a house with mold, you will find people complaining of respiratory symptoms. If you have a spike in the allergies in your house, it's prudent to inspect for mold and call Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle to remediate the mold.

Can Moldy Carpet Make You Sick?

Yes, moldy carpets can make you sick. Mold is a fungal microscopic organism. It presents in spores, and these spores are inhalable. Inhaling mold spores leads to respiratory diseases. People exposed to mold spores will develop allergies and increased asthma attacks. Some people may experience eye irritation when exposed to mold. It is, therefore, prudent to call in a professional cleaning team as soon as you realize you have a mold problem.

Will Mold Continue to Grow Under Your Carpet After a Professional Cleaning?

If you have your carpet professionally cleaned, it is unlikely that the mold will continue to grow under the carpet. However, if you expose your carpet to the causes of mold we discussed above, then the mold is likely to reoccur. It is, therefore, prudent to keep your carpet dry and not expose it to any of the factors that can cause mold growth.

How to Keep Mold Out of Your Carpets?

Prevention is better than cure, therefore, you should be aware of how we can keep mold out of your carpets. Here are ways you can prevent mold from growing under your carpet:

Regular Inspections

Making sure that you do regular inspections of your carpets will help you detect mold before it gets worse. Look for discolorations on your carpet and also damp patches. Make sure you look under your carpet if anyone in your household is experiencing allergy symptoms, this could be a sign that you have mold in the house.

Reduce Humidity

Ensure that the humidity in your house is between 60-65 percent, as it is the ideal humidity to prevent mold. If you are in a high humidity area, it will benefit you, if you invest in a dehumidifier.


The great way to prevent the growth of mold is to increase ventilation. Mold thrives in damp places, and in a well-ventilated area, there is airflow hence, molds can't grow. Open the windows and doors once in a while, even during winter, to get ample airflow in the house.

Keep Your Carpet Clean

A clean carpet will rarely have mold. Ensure that you have cleaned any accidental messes and spills on your carpet. Also annual professional carpet cleaning will help to keep your carpet free of mold.

For the best carpet cleaning services in New Rochelle, contact Tulip Carpet Cleaning New Rochelle. We offer professional carpet cleaning service along with mold remediation services at very pocket-friendly prices. With our specialists, you are guaranteed high quality and best results on any cleaning needs. Feel free to get in touch with us at 914-380-7211 for a free price estimate!

" The professionals did an amazing job with the mold removal. They had the proper equipment and cleaned up all the mold while maintaining the overall cleanliness. If I ever require any emergency mold remediation, I am definitely calling them. "

- Kevin S.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 914-380-7211
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